Aggressive Music for Aggressive People
NUSE Biography
This powerhouse metal band trio from New Jersey is comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Mike LaMastro, bassist Eric Mangual and drummer Bob Mangual. They have been friends for over twenty years and have translated their life experiences through their music. Where did the name NUSE come from? Eric said, "We've 'hung' around with each other for so long that NOOSE just fit. Mike added,"the naming pr...ocess took so long (there were 5 members in the band at the time) there was 'No Use' in in trying to make everyone agree on the name"...hence, Noose officially became NUSE in 1993.

The New Jersey power trio NUSE has been gigging up the east coast Hardcore/Metal scene for the last two plus decades and counting. Their debut album 'Hung Well' was introduced in 2002 and was re-released in June 05' under No Joke Records (L.A., CA). In 2008, NUSE released Forever Starts Today, which included their underground hit Beat To Death (over 13,000 plays worldwide).

You will be drawn into a domain of energy in their latest release entitled: ALL AMERICAN BEAT DOWN (May, 2012). The high power, aggressive style will pull you in quick and won't let you go! ALL AMERICAN BEAT DOWN is a compilation of hard core metal music with lyrics that will make you feel like taking some power back.
Style: Aggressive
Unique, broad style. Aggressive yet extremely engaging.
Sounds Like: Take 1/4 lb of Clutch, 1/4 lb Metallica and combine it with a cup of Slayer. Mix in some Red Hot Chili Peppers and bake on 500 for 60 minutes. Sprinkle on some Biohazard and serve with a side of The Doors.
Band Interests
Music, NFL, MLB, Friends & Family
Artists We Also Like
Sublime, Foo Fighters, SOD, Sepultura, Rage, Kinks, Decendents, AC/DC, Danzig, Suicidal Tendencies

NUSE is:
Mike LaMastro-Guitars-lead Vocals
Bob Mangual - Drums, Vocals
Eric Mangual - Bass, Vocals
Nuse is managed by Brandon Dilks